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About Hola Rico

Hola Rico - Truth in Household Coffee Appliance

Hola Rico is the professional leader who focuses solely on the premium household coffee appliance, created with a passion for life through creating great coffee and frothy milk  drinks.

Like your morning coffee, a fresh start guides you through the day, Hola Rico commits to cultivating a “live in the moment” vibe with an optimistic and motivated life attitude.


Enjoyable homemade coffee experience is...

A warm time with family       


A fun time with friends

 An inner peace moment alone       


A good morning to the world


The passion for life expresses in our products. It’s all about user friendly.

Most people find it annoyed that they can’t adjust the temperature and the thickness of the milk at the same time when making milk foam. And the little annoying seed may grow to ruin the day.


For the first time, Hola Rico provides leading technology solutions that allow people to adjust the temperature and thickness of the milk foam at the same time which truly changes the way we enjoy cappuccinos, caffé latte, milkshakes, and hot chocolates at home.


For the first time, an advanced design featuring with distinctive touch screen brings elements  of fine homemade coffee to everyone’s home.