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Metal Storm Vacuum Sealer Machine, High Suction Power Food Sealer with Led Indicator Lights

" LOVE THIS SEALER, Works better than expected keep things safe from freezer burns sealer leaves no air pockets."
-Dennis P. ✔Verified Purchase ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Whether you’re an experienced home cook looking to get into sous-vide cooking, or simply trying to better preserve leftovers, a food vacuum sealer might be the next machine you need on your counter. 

When you settle on cooking that quality cut of meat you stashed in the freezer weeks earlier, there’s nothing worse than pulling it out to prep dinner and discovering a freezer-burned mess. Because this phenomenon typically occurs when food isn’t properly wrapped ,that vacuum sealer machiner can help prevent this problem from ever occurring.

Do you want to save money by buying more food in bulk? Or, your produce or frozen meat expires before you have a chance to use them. No matter what your situation is, you shouldn't miss this vacuum sealing machine from HadiNeeon.

Features at a Glance:

Simple & convenient buttons         
360° Swivel Non-slip Base 
Easy to use
Sealing dehydrated foods in mason jars 
Provide a steady flow of water  
Easy to Store 

    Simple & Convenient Buttons - The vacuum sealer is equipped with touch buttons. Reaction time is really fast. It has the dual settings option (dry or moist/ normal or gentle) so you can vacuum seal wet/dry food or delicate food. For example, use the gentle setting other than normal if you don’t want the vacuuming to squeeze and compress the food as much.

    360° Swivel Non-slip Base - The HadinEEon sealer machine offers strong suction power (-80kPA) to take a few seconds to make sure all is ready to freeze. When vacuuming and sealing a bag, make sure the open end of the bag is inside the Vacuum Channel.
    PS. For moist and juicy foods such as raw meats: Freeze first and avoid overfilling bags.

    Easy to Use - It is very simple to use and get all the air out of the bags. The seal is strong and powerful and you have no worries that the meat is going to stay fresh and without freezer burn in these for a lot longer than the ziplock bags you were using prior. 100% smell proof and keeps freshness tight locked and smoke flavor packed in.

    Sealing Dehydrated Foods in Mason Jars 
    - Stop hand pumping to seal your dehydrated jars of food. This vacuum sealer includes attachments for sealing jars. It's literally 35 seconds from setup to sealed. Started using it to seal dehydrated produce in a mason jar. The vacuum tube that comes with the HadiNeeon is universal, so it works fine with a wide-mouth jar sealer.

    Provide a steady flow of water- The suction makes the package with food airtight so the food will remain fresh in the freezer until you are ready for it. You can keep your frozen products for months and months while it retains its freshness and flavor. It is really helpful in preserving that food.

    Easy to Store - The design of this vacuum sealer machine is compact and small enough to tuck in the little corner of one of your cabinets when not in use.
    Package Included:
    1* Vacuum Sealer
    1* Roll Vacuum Bag
    5* Vacuum Bags
    1* Vacuum Hose
    1* Instruction


    Color White
    Package Dimensions 16.61 x 7.83 x 5.12 inches
    Item Weight  4.4 pounds

    Buy this vacuum sealer machine, so that there is always only fresh food in your refrigerator and keep food away from spoilage

    HadiNeeon®Vacuum Sealer Machine completely changes your food storage method, and this machine is fast, stylish and easy to use. There are only three simple buttons. You can choose according to different sealing options.