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HadiNeeon® Metal Storm Electric Milk Frother, Extral Large, 500ml Suger White, 603B

"Love it's! Solid product. Easy to clean, very quiet when frothing. Sleek, minimalist design. Heats milk nicely. Great feature."
-lady2th.  ✔Verified Purchase ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As hard as life can be, we always find something to cheer us up, and electric milk frother is among that something. It was created to make life easier in today’s busy world.

This HadiNeeon® Metal Storm Electric Milk Frother creates a rich, smooth, and velvety cream that brings you delicious Luxurious Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Hot Chocolate Milk, and Flat White like the same in a cafe. Stainless Steel internal and external design, the milk frother will fit well on your kitchen counter and work for a long lifetime. 

Enjoy Barista Level Coffee at Home Every Day! Specially design with 16.9oz Large Capacity is perfect for home or office to share coffee with your families and friends.

Features at a Glance:

✔ 4-in-1 Milk Frother         
✔ 16.9oz Large Capacity Jug
Fully Stainless Steel Made 
3 LED Indicator Lights
Built-In Strix Temperature Controller

     4-in-1 Milk Frother- It can make cold/hot milk foam, heating milk, and hot chocolate milk. For the optimal milk foam, we recommend you to use milk fat content>=3% as well.

    16.9oz Large Capacity Jug- This milk frother heats up to 16.9oz/500ml milk for delicious lattes or chocolate milk, or froths up to 8.5oz/250ml foam for Cappuccino or Macchiato, perfect for home or office to share coffee with your families and friends.

    Fully Stainless Steel Made- Fully made of stainless steel for long life, with white painted external. The handle design is an ergonomic, more comfortable hand feel.
    The internal stainless steel with non-stick coating makes the cleaning super easier.

    3 LED Indicator Lights
    - Red LED button for heating and frothing milk. Blue LED button for cold milk frothing. White LED means the frother is working. The milk foamer & warmer will auto-shutoff when completed.

    Built-In Strix Temperature Controller- With built-in Strix temperature controller, it will shut off automatically when your milk or froth reaches 149℉±41℉(65±5℃), it's also the ideal temp for a coffee. 2 different whisks: frothing milk function and warm milk function.


    Frothing hot/cold milk Yes
    Heating milk Yes
    Frothing/heating Temperature 149℉±41℉(65±5℃)
    Max Capacity for frothing 8.5oz/250ml
    Max Capacity for heating 16.9oz/500ml 
    Jug material Anti-Stick Coating


    Smoothing out coffee shop lattes at home with foam can be tricky. Pour too slowly and it's just air, too fast and you'll get the wrong kind of bubbles.

    The HadiNeeon® 603B milk frother works with almost all types of milk such as whole milk, coconut milk, and almond milk - just press the button and you will get the desired results in less than 2 minutes. With built-in Strix Temperature Controller, it will shut off automatically when your milk or froth reaches 149℉+/-41℉(65℃ +/- 5℃), the ideal temp for a coffee.