HadiNeeon® Fresh Breeze Matt Electric Kettle, Mint Green, 1500W

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HadiNeeon® Fresh Breeze Matt Electric Kettle, Mint Green, 1500W

" I really enjoy my Kettle! I’ve been shopping a lot for a stylish and quality kettle! I love this kettle because it’s very stylish, it was reasonably priced and it’s a great quality! Definitely add some charm to my kitchen "
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Features at a Glance:

 Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection
 360° Swivel Non-slip Base
 100% Stainless Steel Interior
 BPA-free Cool Touch Exterior
 Easy to Clean

Wide Opening Lid

Even though the lid is not detachable, it has a large opening that provides easy access for pouring and cleaning.

BPA-free Cool Touch Exterior

The outside is made of 100% BPA free plastic, which stays cool to touch even as the water boils inside.

Simple to Clean

The stainless steel inner wall is easy to clean after each use, so you can avoid mineral buildup over time.

Safer Tech & 360° Swivel Base

The kettle uses the British Strix control to conserve energy when reheating already hot or warm water, so you needn’t worry about excessive power consumption.

Tips for removing limescale from your kettle:
Limescale is the white, chalky residue that accumulates in kettles or coffee machines. It’s particularly common in hard water areas, where the higher concentration of magnesium and calcium leads to limescale.

Solution 1: Use the included descaler
(1) Dilute the kettle cleaner with water (as per instructions) and pour into your kettle.
(2) Boil the kettle.
(3) Leave the kettle to allow for the product to go to work on the limescale and discard the water.
(4) Boil a pot of plain water once or twice and discard it to remove any remaining taste.
(Warning: Keep this descaler in a dry place and away from children. Do not eat it!)

Solution 2: Use the vinegar or lemon juice or baking soda
(1) Fill the kettle three-quarters full with equal parts water and white vinegar/lemon juice/baking soda.
(2) Boil the kettle and allow it to cool.
(3) Pour out the water and rinse out thoroughly a few times.
(4) Boil again with just water and tip it away to remove any aftertaste.

How to prevent limescale in your kettle
Since prevention is better than the cure, there are steps you can take to stop the dreaded build up of limescale.
1. Descale your kettle once a month to stop build up using the above methods.
2. Use a water filter to remove the limescale-causing hard water.
3. Use a kettle descaler ball. Just pop it in your kettle and it'll stop the build up of limescale. You'll just need to give it an occasional rinse.

Product Information

Size 1.5 Liters
Color White/ Green/ Black
Package Dimensions 11.34 x 9.72 x 7.52 inches
Item Weight 2.88pounds pounds
Manufacturer HadiNeeon®

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