HadiNeeon® Retro Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel BPA-F

HadiNeeon® Retro Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel BPA-Free 1000W 0.8L, Christmas Red

HadinEEon Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Make the most exquisite pour-over coffee

We are serious about great tasting coffee. It is possible to make a delicious cup of coffee with a standard hot water kettle. But it can certainly up your game using a gooseneck to have complete control over your coffee and tea. The slim and long spout is designed to pour steady and accurate water flow, so it is perfect for a cup of fine coffee or tea at home.

eletric kettle

It just got a whole lot easier to make a pour-over coffee

Excellent kettle for morning pour-over and tea. The slim spout lets you create a gorgeous pour with a rather slow stream. It controls where your hot water falls on your ground coffee, allowing you to more easily achieve a balanced saturation. Just master manual pour-over coffee like a barista at home.

electric kettle



Provide a Steady Flow of Water

The gooseneck spout is designed to prevent drip-back. It allows more control of where subsequent pours of water will hit. Water flows easily and predictably out the gooseneck spout, making small adjustments a breeze.


Sleek & Elegant Design

The simple black and white design kettle is great eye candy on the kitchen counter. It’s an elegant addition to the busy kitchen for quickly making hot beverages, cereals, instant soup, blanching vegetables and so much more.


Anti-slip Insulated & Ergonomic Handle

The handle gives you a comfortable hold on the appliance while you're pouring or removing the lid. It has a place for your thumb to help balance the kettle while you pour. That control is crucial when pouring water over your coffee grinds for pour-overs.


Boil-dry Safety Shutoff Protection

The electric kettle has a fabulous automatic cut-off feature and can also be easily turned off manually, at the desired level of simmer or boiling you wish. It prevents any potential hazards.


360°Swivel Non-slip Base

360°Cordless kettle lifts from the corded base for easy filling, pouring and service. The cordless swivel design is also ideal for right-handed or left-handed use.


Perfect Gift with 3-Year Technical Support

Together with 3-Year Technical Support, it will be a great gift option for anyone who likes to drink tea or coffee. It will be a wonderful gift idea to your friend who likes to make a pour-over coffee.


How to clean mineral deposits in tea kettles

Any tea kettle that has seen good use is bound to develop some mineral buildup, especially in the hard water area.